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PLASTIC AGENTS sells the TORAY PPS through its represented DOLDER.

Toray’s TORELINA ™ PPS are high performance thermoplastics .

It has excellent heat resistance (240ºC – 5000 hours), fire resistance (V0 flame retardants) and chemical resistance, physical resistance (alternative to metals) and excellent fluidity that allows it to obtain great dimensional precision.

These characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of applications: switches, connectors and other electronic and electrical components, alternators and other automotive components, office equipment components and applications where a material with high temperature resistance with reasonable prices is sought. .

Toray is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PPS, with plants in Japan and Korea.

Available grades without fillers, reinforced with fiberglass, mineral filler, mixed fillers, PPS suitable for food contact, linear and branched PPS, with high impact, high fluidity, conductive, PPS with good adhesion to epoxy resins, lubricated, …


TORAY PPS have passed all standard drinking water certification processes for hot and cold water (FDA, EU10 / 2011, NSF ANSI61, KTW, W270, WRAS, ACS).

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TORELINA® is a registered trademark of TORAY® used under license by DOLDER AG., Represented in Spain and Portugal by PLASTIC AGENTS, SL

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